Europe and Canada Feeling The Brazilian Grilling Groove!

Published on Feb 27, 2015 | by Blake Carson


A Carson Kit got invited to perform with Pitmaster X and Don Marcos Barbecue at the Dutch BBQ Bloggers convention hosted by Comfort Trade over the weekend in Holland.

Here's an absolute delicious video showcasing it in action on a Weber Kettle and a South African Braai (Learn more about the Beautiful Braai's Here). 

Featured Recipe Video From The Weekend


Here are are some great pictures of the cookout and of a lot of flavors that were sampled.


 I can only image how gorgeous the entire setting was and how good all that wood smoke smelled!

 This is a sampling of some chicken that was spit-fired on the Weber Kettle.

 I love this picture and I love that South Africa Braai that they used to cook with the kit.

This is a close up shot of the Iberico Secreto Spit Roast recipe that you saw in the video. Things that make you go YUM!

 The hot embers from the wood fire Braai box falls and is scrapped over under the meat of the Rotisserie kit.

 Then the meat is transfered over to the Carson 4 spit skewer holder to rest.

I love seeing the kit being used in such creative new ways! 

Meanwhile that same weekend take a look at what Canadian Celebrity Chef Ted Reader was spinning in -20 degrees below zero in his backyard for the Steven and Chris TV Show on Winter BBQ, Canadian-Style. 

Can't wait to see all the cool new and creative applications everyone comes up with once these bad boys land.

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